Consumers: Sustainability and Innovation

Recent years have seen important shifts in our perception of the challenges our societies are likely to face in the present and future. In light of these novel insights, we are called upon on the one hand to reassess our individual roles as not only participants but also shapers of our shared reality, and on the other hand to ask what kind of research (methods) would contribute most to the deepening of our understanding and so offer the most viable solutions.

Consumers and Sustainability

As consumers we determine with our everyday consumption choices what gets produced. This simple commonplace is the starting point for this most recent research stream where we investigate the long-term effects, in particular on the natural environment, of our consumption choices. This research is cross-disciplinary and bridges the domains of agricultural economics, anthropology, wildlife biology and consumer behavior.

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Consumers and Innovation

This research area works at the interface of cognitive psychology, consumer behavior, and product innovation management. Building on cognitive theories of categorization, similarity, conceptual combination and visual/spatial attention, we offer new conceptual tools and practical applications on the individual, team, and firm level.

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Rigor & Bricolage in Qualitative Research Methods

What does a rigorous qualitative study look like? The objective of this research area is to establish if there have been any systematic tendencies in case study research published in leading management journals that may negatively affect case study rigor, and to propose research strategies to enhance rigor.

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