Cultural Marketing and Consumer Culture Theory

At IMCA we are interested in exploring additional sides of value (experiential, ideological, social, symbolic) as much as in understanding the links among economic behaviour, the material and visual culture in which we live, and the macro settings where these interactions unfold: society, institutions, and environment.
We explore consumer marketing, specific marketing levers (advertising, branding, content management), distinctive market segments (minorities, sub-cultures, counter-cultures) and industries (creative, food & beverage, and luxury sectors).

Cultural Marketing Management

Our research inspects how a cultural approach affects a variety of marketing techniques, applied to specific cultural categories. In particular, our research addresses cultural segmentation, advertising and consumer representations, interpretive methods supporting marketing research, and cultural innovation

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Cultural Branding and Storytelling

We pursue research on brands as conversational devices with various publics and as resources for consumers. At IMCA, we address aspects as different as brand iconicity, brand morphology, brand ideologies, authenticity, and resistance. We conduct research on branding in creative industries, fine food & beverage, luxury, health-care and medical contexts.

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Consumer Vulnerability and Transformative Consumer Research

Our research explores the role of market actors (associations, companies, consumers, media, policy makers), marketplaces (on-line and off-line exchange places), and goods (products, services, experiences as well as the way of consuming them) in the fragilisation of certain individuals to the advantage of others. We aim at sharpening collective understanding about the role of marketing decisions in the (de)construction of conditions of vulnerability.

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Luca M. Visconti
Full Professor of Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +41 58 666 4639