Markets and Moralities

This research area looks at how culture and moral ideas shape markets and how markets shape a society’s culture, drawing on sociology, organization theory and marketing.

Consumption Norms and Ethical Consumption

The first area of research looks at how particular cultural and moral ideas shape consumption, the conduct of organizations and the design and regulation of markets more broadly. It covers ethical consumption, its barriers and consumption norms, examining how changes in consumption norms are connected to broader social, cultural, and economic changes taking place in society.

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Financialization of Everyday Life and Household Debt

Households are holding more and more financial products, including investment instruments, mortgages, as well as other forms of assets and liabilities. The research field ‘financialization of everyday life’ studies the social and cultural shifts accompanying this trend, referred to as household financialization.

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Interdisciplinary Market Studies

Research at IMCA explores, firstly, the organization of new markets, studying contexts where markets were built from scratch, such as post-socialist financial markets. Secondly, we examine how specific cultural ideas shape markets by informing organizational practices and regulation.

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Léna Pellandini-Simányi
Associate Professor of Marketing
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Phone: +41 58 666 4480