IMCA proposes an alternative perspective in education and research in the fields of marketing and management focusing on communication and cultural processes. Topical issues such as sustainability, identity, innovation and digital transformation require new ways of both understanding and doing business. Committed to an in-depth understanding of the issues that matter on the ground, IMCA is developing its high-quality research mostly with qualitative methods and close collaborations with companies and communities.

About us

IMCA is an interdisciplinary community of educators and researchers who are interested in the relationships between business, communication and society. It offers educational programs and research that develop innovative perspectives on central socio-economic phenomena, such as sustainability (e.g. market inclusion, consumption norms, transformative consumer research), identity construction (e.g. consumer identity projects, organizational identity), innovation and digital transformation (e.g. the digital transformation of the workplace, the digital transformation of finance). The institute collaborates not only with large international companies, but also with local organizations aiming at in-depth, qualitative insights and impact.

Research Areas

Education & Research

Bachelor and Masters

The institute offers specialized programs on a Bachelor and Master level. Within the Bachelor in Communication, IMCA organizes the specialization in Business, Markets and Society, in which students gain an interdisciplinary, culture and communication-centered understanding of management. The institute also developed and coordinates the programs of the Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy and of the Master in Corporate Communication, both jointly offered by the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and the Faculty of Economics.

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Within the institute it is possible to conduct a PhD in the fields of marketing (e.g. consumer culture, consumption and sustainability, market studies) or corporate communication (e.g. organizational identity, reputation, material mediation of communication). PhDs are funded either internally (i.e. through a Teaching and Research Assistant position at USI) or externally (i.e. through research funding bodies and private funding).

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