Collaboration with the Mulino di Maroggia - Retrieve a company's history to rediscover its identity

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

In an interview with ticinonews, Alessandro Fontana, Director of the Mulino di Maroggia, talks about an ongoing collaboration with the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI). The aim of the fieldproject conducted by students of the Master in Corporate Communication (MCC) is the recovery of the corporate history (through an archive) which will allow the rediscovery of the organizational identity. From there a strategy for the mill's corporate communication can be developed that proposes interesting, and not always linear links between past, present and future. Fontana explains, in fact, how bringing history and culture back to life is essential for the rediscovery of the corporate identity of both the Mulino and the municipality of Maroggia. In fact, after the damaging fire of the mill in 2020, its reconstruction for a bright future needs to maintain its historical grounding, this not only through its material or historical reconstruction, but also as a social and creative process.