Davide Orazi visiting from Monash University

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Monash Business School (Melbourne, Australia). Born in Milano, actually Swiss from Wallis, and living in Australia, I am now enjoying some overseas research time in the lands of my ancestors. The psychological and cultural aspects of consumption are what keeps me up at night.

In my primary research area, I combine experimental and linguistic analysis methods to study marketing communication effectiveness. In my secondary research area, I use qualitative methods to study the cultural processes whereby consumers escape from everyday life into a variety of consumption domains including gaming, live-action role-playing, and the metaverse.

On these topics, I have published in Administrative Science QuarterlyJournal of Consumer ResearchJournal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceInternational Journal of Research in Marketing, and Journal of Business Ethics, among others. Feel free to reach out if any of the above topics interests you! I am located in Room 357.