IMCA Research Seminar - Johan Hagberg (University of Gothenburg) on Digital platform ecosystems and insurance intermediation

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

Date: 28.05.2021 / 12:30 - 14:00

The Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) extends an invitation to its upcoming IMCA Research Seminar:  

Digital platform ecosystems and insurance intermediation

by Johan Hagberg, University of Gothenburg

Johan Hagberg is professor of Business Administration specialising in Marketing at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. His research revolves around the digitalization of retailing, consumption and markets. In current research projects, he investigates digital ecosystems and intermediation of insurance as well as retail shopping and last mile transportation.

The presentation will focus on digital platform ecosystems and insurance intermediation. The first decades of the 21th Century have seen a rapid growth of digital platforms, which now constitute a substantial and growing share of the global economy. Within and across several industries, digital platforms have yielded the emergence of ecosystems of a multi-faceted set of actors, e.g., complementors, providers, sellers, and buyers or users of products and services enabled to interact through the platforms. While digital platform ecosystems have also made some inroads in the marketing literature, they are still relatively unexplored in relation to their increasing importance for different aspects of the field.

Insurance, while a traditionally organized and highly regulated industry, has been highlighted as an industry that may be greatly affected by the emergence of digital ecosystems. Examples of possible changes includes the nature of the insurance offering, the analysis of pricing and risk, but also the intermediation in terms of how insurance is accessed and distributed. In parallel, there are numerous initiatives among incumbent insurers and so-called insurtechs with the explicit aim of transforming insurance along with the emergence of digital ecosystems and ultimately how insurance is intermediated.