IMCA Research Seminar - Katy Mason (Lancaster University) on The Responsible Marketization of Innovation

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

Date: 07.05.2021 / 10:30 - 12:00

The Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) extends an invitation to its upcoming IMCA Research Seminar:  

The Responsible Marketization of Innovation: Making Moral Markets for Innovative 5G Technologies in a Rural Economy Grand Challenge

by Katy Mason, Lancaster University

Katy Mason is Professor of Markets and Management Practices at Lancaster University Management School and Chair of the British Academy of Management. Drawing on performativity theory, her work explores how managers learn and work out how to make and shape markets.

She presents a study that contributes to the extant literature on the construction of moral markets by revealing the use of the RRI framework as a dynamic system of evaluation in Grand Challenge research projects. 'Grand Challenge' research sets out to do good for society, but their evaluation remains a problem: evaluations from responsible innovation theory fail to act dynamically in the evaluation of technology innovation and ignore the market dimensions of the project. Through an in-depth, ethnographic study of a 5G rural economy Grand Challenge project, we present a dynamic model of an emergent system of evaluation used to generate what we term the responsible marketization of innovation: where good markets and technologies are constructed in relation to each other, simultaneously. Findings reveal how project actors use of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework as an evaluative device to judge moral, responsible, and good actions to construct not only good technological innovations, but simultaneously the moral markets for those innovative goods. The abstract RRI framework gathers together distributed and multiple forms of knowledge, holds them in dialogue with each other and with the social worlds of citizens, academics, technicians and policymakers - brought together at the project juncture, generating good market experiments for emergent goods.